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Actress, Musician, Producer and Philanthropist   Katerina "Kat" Graham is a well known music artist, actress and producer, best known for her starring role in the hit TV show “The Vampire Diaries.” Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Kat speaks English, Spanish, French and Hebrew – and is the daughter of a Liberian father and a Russian Jewish mother.

Ms. Graham was recently named International Goodwill Ambassador for Empower54. She brings her considerable profile and resources to this effective N.G.O. to raise awareness around the plight of Internally Displaced Peoples (I.D.P.s) and refugees in the West African country of Nigeria.

After spending three years working on the cause of refugees in the Middle East and Central America, Ms. Graham is now devoting the entire focus of her humanitarian efforts to Empower 54 to help raise the profile of the organization and the refugees in Africa. With millions of men, women and children suffering at the hands of Africa’s worst terrorist organization, Boko Haram, Empower54 is actively providing humanitarian rehabilitation directly to malnourished children, displaced families and refugees through health, empowerment and education programs. It is precisely this vital work that Ms. Graham is looking to participate in and highlight for so many people suffering in Nigeria and throughout western Africa.


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About The Cause

Empower 54 Project, Inc (Empower 54) is a non-profit organization providing humanitarian assistance through Health, Hunger Eradication/Rural Development, Education, Empowerment and IDP/Refugee programs to the underprivileged.

Empower 54 has been on the ground in Nigeria working to bring relief directly to malnourished children, displaced families and refugees from all over the country. In June of 2016, Empower 54 discovered and evacuated thousands of malnourished children in Bama, Borno State, Nigeria and brought them to safety where they received shelter, food, water and much needed medical supplies and immediate medical treatment.

Founded in 2003, Empower 54 is a Massachusetts not-for-profit charity under Section 501(c)(3).


Health: Through the use of modern technology, we impact lives via free medical missions; distribution of medication/medical supplies/equipment to under-equipped hospitals, conduct medical seminars and collate population statistics via BioMetrics and BioData to create sustainable global health solutions in Africa.

Hunger Eradication/Rural Development: We provide opportunities for community and individual development through various agricultural programs including Aquaponics.

Education/Music Education: We provide access to modern educational platforms and music education as means of rehabilitation for underprivileged women and children.

Women/Girl Empowerment: We promote entrepreneurship by creating platforms to enable beneficiaries of our skills acquisition programs by showcasing and sell their products on a global scale.

IDP/Refugee Rehabilitation: We provide a rounded approach to rehabilitation for IDPs and Refugees through the combination of our emergency nutrition center for malnourished IDPs, public health programs, education, empowerment and hunger eradication programs.

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